Cenultra has certified, experienced gas safety and electrical engineers, energy assessors and property inventory clerks to perform inspections of residential and commercial properties. We issue a wide range of property safety certificates and reports for landlords and homeowner to satisfy legal requirements prior to letting and selling.

We cover London, Essex, Susses, Kent.

Our most popular residential and commercial inspections are:

Residential Inspections:

Commercial Inspections:

Commercial gas inspections

Commercial Electrical Inspections

Commercial EPC

Commercial PAT

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Gas security inspections:

A gas safety check isn’t like a gas service. It is fundamentally planned to examine any gas burning appliances including fires, cookers (fixed or mobile), boilers and water heater to make sure that they are working safely and efficiently. A gas safety check can only be performed by a gas fitter registered with the Gas Safe Register.

As part of the test, we will examine and check all the gas appliances in the building. This includes gas fires, boilers, hobs, water heater and cooking appliances. We will visually investigate boiler flues and pipes, and perform tightness tests to make sure no explosive gases are escaping into the home.

We will examine the efficiency of the gas burning and make sure all safety devices are working as they should, and will also examine that ventilation routes are unblocked and operating well.

Faulty gas appliances are likely to develop gas (carbon monoxide gas) poisoning. It’s colourless, odourless and tasteless nature makes it difficult to spot. It can make you seriously ill and kills! This is why it’s illegal to organise safety checks with non-registered Gas safe engineers.

If you need any more details on the best ways to tackle getting your premises an up-to-date residential gas certificate, or would like to talk about booking an inspection, contact Cenultra to arrange your residential Gas safety inspection.

Electrical Inspections:

Electrical test and checks the ‘fixed’ installation, for instance the wiring, changes and earth bonding. The goal of an electrical safety check is to prevent electrical dangers while confirming that everything is running properly and efficiently.

Electrical tests can only be carried out by a qualified electrician who is certified with the current updates to the UK’s strict electrical policies. Fairly right too– electricity can be incredibly harmful when the electrical systems aren’t really working as it should.

When purchasing a property, we recommend all our clients to obtain an Electrical Safety Certificate with your building.

Checks are also carried out on the electrical installation to inspect that it is safe and the electrician performing the inspection will provide a periodic inspection report (PIR) to record the findings of the review and testing.

In addition to the essential part of the report, which will identify departures from the requirements of BS 7671 and offer a total review of the suitability of the installation for continued use, the record should be accompanied by schedules of inspection and test results provided as part of the reporting procedure. The schedule of tests will include information of the circuits within the building and this information should be kept near the customer unit (fuse board).

Electrical hazards can be very significant and dangerous and can cost you a fortune if an issue exists and is not identified during a standard building inspection.


EPC are needed for domestic and commercial properties for selling and renting, both in here in the UK and across Europe in similar systems. The purpose of the EPC record is to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by becoming more efficient and, therefore, minimizing the pollution in the atmosphere, whilst minimising our dependence on other countries for our energy supply.

The EPC report ranks the property from the most lowest level of a ‘G’ (1) to ‘A’ (100) and the greater figure would reflect a building that is near to ‘self-sufficient’ in terms of energy usage. The EPC needs to be provided within 28 days of marketing a property, and a lawyer will not conclude the transaction until the EPC remains in place.

The EPC will not necessarily make you buy one property over another, but it exists to give ideas to individuals and to develop our habits of use. From 2016, all homes newly built are required to ‘A’ ranked, which leaves the rest of the housing stock far behind in regards to efficiency.

Your Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of production. The report is compliant with regulations for both rental and sale properties. It is a compulsory requirement for all domestic and business buildings in the London and throughout the UK to hold an EPC before they are marketed for sale or, when it comes to rental home, before any potential tenants are shown round. See EPC Legislation for more information.

PAT testing marks electrical appliances that are portable, for example, PCs, kettles and fans.

PAT testing is necessary not only comply with regulations but to ensure that your property is safe for tenants, workers and clients as well.

To ensure that you are complying with the Electricity at Work Regulations, you need to have all certifying equipment tested as part of your regular upkeep routine.

We believe that electrical safety is necessary, and that portable appliance testing must be made available to everyone, and we realize that the two major factors in this cost and the worry of being charged for hidden cost such as call out charges and bills for extra labour. We’re positive that our simple pricing structure will set your mind at ease.

The keeping of relevant records is necessary. They allow evidence for the defense in the event of a prosecution; more practically, such records make it possible for the close monitoring of the equipment highlighting possible faults or adverse patterns. They are also important in forming an accurate assessment of the needed frequency of testing. For example, if over a mixture of constant test cycles few or no failures were reported then the duty holder might recognize minimizing the frequency of tests, obviously the converse may also apply.


We can provide our clients professional inventory report services at competitive prices.

Hiring us for your property inventory services ensures you receive the most comprehensive and professional service offered.

Our inventory clerks are highly certified experts with a lot of practical experience and the right set of talents.

Our Inventory clerks supply an independently organized inventory which is drawn up in an objective manner, without bias to either Landlord or Tenant. It is respectively the clear independence of the inventory report that provides peace of mind to the property owner.

The best inventory specialists to Letting Agents, Landlords and Tenants in London, Essex, Kent and Sussex. We provide full building inventory, Check-ins, Mid-term inspections, Check-outs and Snagging reports.

Inventory reports are a crucial part of rental contracts as they guard both parties when arranged efficiently and adequately, so they need to be prepared by specially qualified, expert inventory clerks.