How to find the best plumbers in London?

Dealing with plumbing work in your home can be considered as a time consuming and a frustrating job. Whether it is a small issue such as maintenance or a big issue like a repair, it is recommended to get the help of Expert plumbers London. A qualified plumber London will handle the job in a perfect way by seeking the assistance of their knowledge and experience. Leaking pipes or clogged drains can ruin your day and it is a must to get them repaired within a short period of time. Expert London plumbers will help you with that and they provide emergency plumbing services for the convenience of their clients. They can also be helpful in providing maintenance tips so you don’t run into any extra unnecessary plumbing problems.

Plumber in London offers their services to both residential and commercial plumbing needs. The plumbers will examine every corner of your building and fix the leaks. They will take necessary measures to save your energy and water bills. Therefore, getting the help of Expert emergency plumbers London can be considered as a great investment done for the future of your building. These plumbers are equipped with the knowledge to install and repair almost all the major brands. They even use advanced tools like radar detectors to solve the plumbing issue in an effective way. Electronic water leak detectors will diagnose the correct place of the leak and it will save your time as well as money.

Many local plumbers come to your place in order to fix the issue. However, Expert London Plumbers will examine the entire building and they will let you know about all the plumbing related issues in your building. If required, they will help you to fix them in a convenient way. It will save you from future issues and you will get the opportunity to save your investment. For example, if you have copper water pipes inside your building, you will have to experience plumbing issues on a regular basis. Copper water pipes are prone to rust or damage over a longer period and they deteriorate the whole system. It is dangerous to have the copper water pipes inside your home because they have the potential to cause a significant damage to your building. Expert London Plumbers will examine the home and they will make necessary arrangements to replace all these harmful factors. Therefore, you can contact them without thinking twice to get durable and long lasting results for all your plumbing issues.

As you are aware, going to a doctor is the best option when you do not feel well other than just going to a pharmacy and buy whatever the medicine you wish. Similarly, you should go to a dentist if you have any issues with your teeth and mouth. It is quite obvious that you should not go for an unqualified person and let him do the treatments. The above examples indicate the importance of seeking the assistance from qualified professionals for a respective job done. The situation is quite similar when you require some assistance for your plumbing work too. Plumbing work shouldn’t be underestimated by handing over to an unqualified London contractor.

It is risky trying to do the plumbing work by you even though it may look like a simple task at a glance. A simple leak in a household plumbing system may lead to an unexpected disaster. In instances like needing a bathroom remodeling in London, you should obviously seek the assistance of a qualified plumber. Most of the construction companies in London have special teams of expert plumbers integrated with them to assure a perfect plumbing work for the clients. These specialists will guarantee a hazel free and effective plumbing system.

As mentioned before, some plumbers work independently while others are integrated with construction companies in London. When you need to deal with the leaks and pipe problems you may seek the assistance of either category if they have a reputation for such work. These issues are to be dealt at your earliest concerning the safety of your family members. A professional plumber can make sure that you get rid of annoying noises from the pipes and also major and minor leak problems in the system.

Before you hurry into a plumbing contractor, you have to identify the seriousness of the issue initially. All the plumbing work can be categorized into two. They are basic plumbing and specialized plumbing. Basic plumbing are the issues even you may attend. It is not illegal anywhere in the state to attend a basic household plumbing. Cleaning a gutter head, fixing a showerhead leak, unclogging simple drains and even installing showerheads or faucets inside the home can be pointed out as examples for basic plumbing works. Yes, it is quite obvious that you do not need to hire an individual professional plumber or a plumber who works under a London contractor just to unclog your showerhead.

On the other hand, specialized plumbing includes tasks like installing gas supply systems, shower systems and plumbing work related to bathroom remodeling London. It is pretty clear that these tasks are much complicated and require a professional touch avoiding hazels.

For your information, a qualified plumbing contractor means a person who has passed Plumbing Apprenticeship Training Programs. Usually, he has legal documents to prove his eligibility even if they work under a London contractor. Therefore, before you allow a plumber to carry out a certain task, verify his eligibility with his legal documents if you expect a reliable solution for your plumbing issue. The amount you spend on plumbing services London can be considered as an excellent investment done towards your future as well. It will protect your home or commercial property from water damages and help you to get the best out of your investment without any hassle.

Do I Need An Electrical Safety Certificate When Selling A House or A Flat?

There is no legal duty to provide a buyer with any electrical safety certificate when selling a home or a flat. It might make the selling process easier but it is not a legal requirement in the UK. If you were a property manager or a landlord, legally you would be responsible for the electrical safety of your tenants in relation to electrical safety and would need to ensure that an electrical safety check was carried out and keep a record of that check.

If you are selling a home or a flat then if the buyer wants to perform a test that is for their own assurance.

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Who may ask you to supply an electrical safety certificate?

1. When you are selling a house, your solicitor may ask you to complete a residential or commercial property information form, which includes a part associating with the electrical system.
2. If you are selling or renting your home or commercial property via a reliable representative or agent, you will always be asked to provide an electrical safety certificate. The majority of estate agencies or letting agents will choose not to let your home without one. And it is now basic practice to get electrical test certificates before proceeding with a purchase. Electrical safety certification is the most reliable method to ensure that a home is safe from an electrical perspective.
3. The potential buyer might ask you to provide one.

What is an electrical certificate?

It is a report and the official name for this report is electrical installation condition report (EICR) however but known as an electrical safety certificate. EICR will show the condition of the electrical safety in a residential or commercial property and checks the safety of the electrical installations. This kind of electrical testing is performed every five years in a commercial property and a domestic residential but this does depend on the age and condition of the installation that is being tested.

an electrical safety certificate when selling a house or a commercial property

Electrical certificate for a House of Multiple Occupancy:

If you are a landlord and your rental property is a house in multiple occupations such as a student home, then it’s important by law that you have a periodic electrical inspection every five years performed by a registered electrician. A result of this is the Electrical Installation Condition Report which you can keep as a record of proof of the inspection and it gives information on any remedial work which may require carrying out.

What is an electrical safety certificate?

Do you need to learn what an electrical safety certificate is? Well, you remain in the ideal location. Our expert described here about An electrical safety certificate.

What is an electrical safety certificate?

An electrical safety certificate is officially called an Electrical Installation Condition Report (Formally referred to as a Periodic Inspection Certificate for an Electrical Installation). So it’s a report or record containing of detailed technical data and information about the electrical wiring in your property.

We can say an electrical safety certificate is similar to a vehicle’s MOT, an Electrical Installation Condition Report shows the condition of your electrical wiring and gives you a clear, concise, safety resolution (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory) along with a summary of the general condition. In addition, the report also reveals any problems identified and tells you how dangerous they may be.

What does an Electrical safety certificate contain? But not restricted to:

  • Full Details of the client or person ordering the work
  • Reason for producing this report
  • Details of the electrical installation which is the subject of this report
  • Descriptions of premises ( eg residential or commercial)
  • Estimated age of the wiring system
  • Date of the last inspection ( If known)
  • Extent and limitations of inspection and testing
  • Summary of the condition of the installation ( e.g., satisfactory or unsatisfactory)
  • Alternative source of supply details
  • Further recommendations
  • Engineer’s or company details ( name, address and signatures)
  • Schedules of inspection and test results.
  • Earthing arrangements
  • Details of Nature supply parameters
  • Particulars of installation
  • Details of earthing conductors
  • Information of Main switch
  • List of observations
  • Details of Distribution board
  • Inspection schedule for a distribution board installation
  • List of circuits and/or installed equipment are vulnerable to damage when testing and /or remarks.
  • Condition report guidance for recipients.

Landlords and homeowners Electrical Safety check includes, but not limited to:

Continuity of protective conductors including main and supplementary equipotential bonding.

Continuity of ring final circuit conductors

Insulation Resistance


Earth electrode resistance if an earth electrode is used

Earth fault loop impedance

Check of phase sequence ( If applicable )

Functional testing

Verification of voltage drop

Correct operation of switches and isolators

What is an electrical safety certificate and condition report?

Landlords responsibilities:

It is the duty of every landlord to make sure that the home that they are renting is suitable for the purpose for which it is expected. This includes the fixed electrical wiring.

The electrical reports are needed at each change of tenancy. This is to validate that the previous occupant has not damaged or changed the electrical system in any way.

The current regulations of the IEE electrical wiring regulations BS 7671. It states that every electrical system will be assessed before being brought into service and have an electrical safety certificate issued.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a problem of an electrical nature while your property is being rented, you may be liable. It will depend on you to show that the electrical installation was fit for service at the time of renting. Your up to date electrical certificate will ensure that you can do this.

Homeowner electrical inspections:

Electrical testing is often neglected by homeowners and landlords alike– despite the fact that domestic electrical appliances are often more inexpensively produced and more regularly used than their commercial counterparts. In fact, dangerous electrical installations cause more than 700 severe accidents and 12000 fires in British Property every year.

Hope this article helped you to know about an electrical safety certificate. If you like our article what an electrical safety certificate is, why not check our article for the electrical certificate requirements.

How to avoid bad Letting Agents?

Landlords use letting agents. It is a sad fact though that it can be really hard to find reliable letting agents. As it is, there seem to be more letting agents that are untrustworthy than there are trustworthy ones.

Letting agents are not as regulated as estate agents. That is why it is important for the consuming public to be vigilant in using such services. You need to keep your wits about you at all times so that you can effectively avoid being ripped off by the rogue letting agents.

If you want to avoid getting involved with bad letting agents, your best option is to cross- reference a list for banned letting agents. That way, you will have a good resource for a good start.

Knowing the reliable and reputable Letting Agents

The list obviously does not have every bad letting agent listed, only the ones that have been caught and reported. To make sure that you can still work with the right letting agent, you may want to check out a few tips.

Firstly, you may want to use letting agents that are registered with an approved redress scheme. You may also ask your family and friends for references. Additionally, always check the contracts carefully; make sure there are no hidden charges and that you will not be charged if they are not able to help you get a sale. Remember that some agents can be tricky, so you need to beat them at their own game.

By making sure that the letting agent is a member of a recognised professional agency you are avoiding being scammed out of your hard earned money. Anyone can simply set himself up as a reputable letting agent. Even the ones that have already been banned from doing any transaction can still pose as a letting agent. Check the websites of relevant organisations to know for sure if the agent you are thinking of using is a bona fide member.

Letting agents are required to sign up to a redress scheme. This scheme provides Landlords and Tenants with a clear route of pursuing complaints if the letting agent did not provide the expected service. Failure to register to a scheme could result in criminal and/or civil penalties for the letting agents.

The current approved redress schemes are:

The Property Ombudsman Limited
Ombudsman Services
Property Redress Scheme

Tips to avoid bad Letting Agents


Protect Your Payments

Landlords are required to register the Tenant’s deposit in an authorised scheme. That way both parties involved are protected. This also ensures that the letting agent will have no way of misusing the money.

Also, Landlords should inform the Tenant not to hand over their payments to the letting agents if they want a guarantee to a property.

Lastly, check that there are no hidden charges. Some letting agents may be too scrupulous that they may not disclose all charges. This could mean trouble for the Landlords in the future.

All in all, protection from untrustworthy letting agents can be easily achieved if you are vigilant to make a thorough research. Do not be easily cajoled into using an agent simply because they have sweet talked you into an agreement. Do your own homework; that is the best way to avoid using bad letting agents.

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A list of Landlord Associations and which is the best?

Are you thinking of becoming a landlord? If so, do you know what you need to do? Do you have any idea as to what responsibilities you will have to deal with? Do you know anything about tenancy agreements and everything that the law dictates regarding the whole rental industry?

These questions are just a few that you need to answer before you start your journey towards becoming a landlord. Of course, you must have done your homework, if you have already decided to let your property for other people to use.

Let the Industry Experts help you

There is no better way to test the waters than with the guidance of the experts. For landlords, those experts are the people behind the landlord associations. This means that it is important for you to see a list of landlord associations and find out which is the best among them.

Joining an association is a vital factor to be taken into consideration if you are aspiring to be a successful landlord. The reason this is a vital factor is because if you suddenly get into a tricky situation with your tenant(s) and you have no idea how to handle it, the experts in your association can provide you with the help needed and the best possible solutions.

These people have been there and done that, so to speak. They have years of experience in dealing with every potential issue that you could face in the industry. They are not perfect landlords, just experienced ones. They have been learned their lessons from their years worth of experience. They are now in the position to help other landlords deal with issues that usually crop up in the course of the business.

Here are some of the best landlord associations in the UK:


Landlord Associations

Which one is the best? You should find the answer to this by learning more about each one of them, but first, you have to have a full understanding of the benefits of joining one of them.

It is recommended to join such associations because they offer guidance, advice and easy access to documents and information needed for the rental process. They can provide you with legal documents that you need to study and use, general information on being a landlord is also available on their websites. Basically, all your questions regarding the whole business can be answered effectively by each one of those associations.

The people behind the associations have the kind of expertise that most new landlords need. Those running the associations have the goal to make sure that every landlord on their membership is protected from potential rental disasters. New Landlords can expect full support from these associations. They will be guided accordingly, from the time they join, to the time when troubles start to spark up, and up to the time when solutions have succeeded.

Simply put, being a member of one of the associations is like being a part of brotherhood. Everyone is looking out for the interest of another.

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