We understand the importance of having a refurbished wet room, which is why we’re here to help you with all the services that can transform your wet room into a paradise-on-earth without any hassle. A wet room may seem as a tiled shower area without the need for a plastic tray/plate in either a wooden or concrete joist floor structure. It is one of the types of rooms that are popular in many countries in the modern world.

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Cenultra professionals are here to help you and provide an efficient and dependable service to commercial and domestic clients at all times. We specialize in all kinds of home improvement services of which the wet room is one. Call us any day anytime for your wet room refurbishment and we will be there to help you.

A wet room offers a touch of luxury whilst maximising the space available in your bathroom. We can help transform your traditional bathroom by providing a befitting and suitable wet room that can help provide a dedicated waterproof area with complete drainage solutions for you to enjoy. We have a team that can best do the design and execute the job for you without worries. Our wet rooms can be configured using a broad selection of showers, screens, tiles and lighting systems to complement your tastes and desire.

Our experts are well trained and have all undergone series of thorough checks to ascertain their eligibility to work for the company. With this, we only have an array of experts who can do the job for you and give you what you wanted. Trust our abilities and contact us any day anytime for wet room refurbishment services and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We are readily available for:

• Wet room designing
• Wet room showers selection
• Wet room screens installation and adjustments
• Wet room tiling
• Wet room lighting
• Wet room painting
• Wet room cleaning
• And more

When you hire us to work for you, we will make sure that your wet room has been refurbished to meet the modern standard and meet your satisfaction in every day life. With Cenultra, you don’t have to worry about getting a wet room that can stand the test of time and give you a beautiful shower scene all day all nights, because we will do that for you.

We are experts at wet room refurbishment and we will handle our job with dedication and commitment whenever we’re called for such. Why not schedule an appointment with us and enjoy the services that we can offer? We will surely give you 100% of our exemplary wet room refurbishment services. All you need to do is to call our line or contact us online and you are good to go.

Why Hire Us

There are a number of reasons why you should hire us to work for your wet room refurbishment. Here are a few:
• Experience and knowledgeable professionals
• Honesty in service delivery
• On-time service
• Reliable wet room refurbishment
• No hidden fees
• Dedication to service
• Friendly staff

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