Saniflo Repairs – Saniflo toilet maintenance tips

Though perhaps not the most glamorous of fixtures and fittings in the home, the toilet is, without question, one of the most important, and when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In times gone by, when we needed to relieve ourselves and go to the toilet, we had chamber pots, which were, well, pots. Rather disgustingly, when these pots were full, people would literally empty them out of their windows, into their gardens or the streets below. Obviously, this made people incredibly ill, and the smell was unbearable as well. As time went by, sewer systems were invented, and then of course, we got the humble toilet, which revolutionised the world as we know it.

These days however, even the humble toilet is beginning to become slightly outdated, as more and more people are now utilizing saniflo toilets, or, macerating toilets as they are sometimes called. Saniflo repairs can be tricky as not all plumbers will be experienced with dealing with these toilets, so often, in these instances, prevention is the best solution. Here we’ll take a quick look at what a saniflo toilet is, plus, we’ll be looking at a few saniflo toilet maintenance tips, to help ensure that you don’t need to hire a saniflo repairs specialist.

Saniflo Repairs – Saniflo toilet

What is a saniflo toilet?

A saniflo toilet is sometimes known as a macerating toilet, and it basically works on the principle that it macerates human waste into a slurry, which can then easily be pumped away. Rather than having the waste pass through a floor drain, the waste from the toilet flush makes its way into a sealed pump that is located between the wall and the toilet itself. Inside this box, there is a super-fast cutting blade, that basically blends the waste into a slurry making it much easier for the plants to deal with, filter, and process. When water pressures are naturally low, or if an individual wishes to install a toilet located below a sewer pipe drain, saniflo toilets are ideal. Now that we know what they are, here are a few handy tips for maintaining them.

Try to use natural cleaners whenever possible – Although it can be tempting to use bleach and harsh chemicals on our toilets, you should resist the urge to go overboard, as these chemicals could actually damage the rotary blades of the cutting mechanisms, which is the last thing you want. Of course, bleach now and then won’t hurt at all, but if you are using it several times a day, every day, it may cause some damage. When cleaning and disinfecting your toilet, natural solutions such as vinegar, mild soaps, and baking sodas, all work an absolute treat.

Fix leaks right away – If your toilet does have a very slight leak, you should get it seen too as quickly as you possibly can, ideally within the same day. It may sound disgusting, but some people do simply leave their toilets leaking, and may just mop up any escaping liquids, or catch them in a tray perhaps, which is the last thing you should be doing. Simply get on the phone to your local plumber, and they will quickly be able to take care of things, and as the leak may only be minor, that shouldn’t cost you very much either. The worst thing you can do with your toilet, whether normal or saniflo, is ignore leaks, as small leaks can go on to become large leaks and can cause all kinds of other problems in the process.

Never flush wet wipes down the toilet – A lot of people, even though they have been advised not to do so, will flush wet wipes down the toilet, thinking that one or two won’t hurt. However, with saniflo toilets, wet wipes can be extremely detrimental as too many of them could actually result in them making their way into the sealed pump box, which could slow the cutting blades down, or even cause them to stop working altogether. When dealing with saniflo toilets, make sure you stick with toilet paper, and toilet paper only.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – As mentioned, the number of saniflo repairs specialists currently in operation is higher than ever before, as these toilets are proving to be very popular and very efficient. If your saniflo toilet is not working as well as it should, or even if you’re simply looking to get an idea of whether it is as efficient as it could be. It is very strongly recommended that you get on the phone, or jump online, and hire a saniflo repairs specialist and let them take a look at your toilet, and see what exactly is going on.

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