Waste carrier licences explained, what where and when

Waste Carrier licences is a must have for anyone or any organisation who wants to transport waste as part of their business. There are two types of waste carrier licences namely the upper tier and the lower tier depending on the nature and type of waste you would want to transport.

Upper Tier Waste Carrier: If you carry waste from construction (building or demolition) or on a professional basis, then you fall under this category.UK waste Carrier Licenses registration

Upper Tier include:

Lower Tier Waste Carrier: You fall under this category if you have previously being exempted and carry your own waste (usually on a regular and normal basics). This is in effect from 1st January, 2014.

Cases that can be classified as Lower Tier Include:

  • Where confidential waste is collected from different location to a centralised office by a business entity.
  • In a business where waste from maintenance work are being carried.
  • Solicitors who send their waste papers to the paper merchant once a month

How Do I register for a waste Carrier Licenses?

To be able to register for a waste carrier licenses, you will be required to provide some documents before you can register. Keep in mind you will be fined £5000 if you do not register. If you transport waste yourself, then registration is free otherwise you will have pay a registration cost of £154 (on the Environmental Agency’s Website as of 16th December, 2015).
Registration for a waste carrier license is not a difficult process. You can register at the Environmental Agency’s Website.

You will be required to produce the following:

Dates of birth and names of the executives, directors, partners or owners of the organization. If you have committed an environmental offence, details of the offence you have committed. After you have registered, the details of your organisation will appear on the Environmental Agency’s Website. If by any means your organisation’s details do not appear, you would have to contact your registrar.

If you fall under the Upper Tier category, you will be required to renew you license every three years at a cost of £105. Lower Tier registrant need not to renew their registration.

What if I change my details?

If after registering and by any means there is a change in the organisation’s management, contact details, if your organisation changes what it does (changing from waste carrier to broker) or if a management in your organisation have being convicted of an environmental offence, then you are required to update your details with the Environmental Agency within 28 days.
You can update your details online if you registered after from March 2015. If you registered before March 2015, then you have to write or email the Environmental Agency to notify them about the changes.

Upgrading your Organisation’s Status

If there has been a change in your organisation’s operation which requires you to upgrade your license from lower tier to upper tier, then you will be required to pay £154 as an upgrade cost. You can update what your company does if you registered after from March 2015. If you registered before March 2015, then you have to write or email the Environmental Agency to notify them about the changes.

You can contact the Environmental Agency in your area if you are not sure of what to do. Below are the contact details for the Environmental Agency:

Environment Agency


Environment Agency

Quadrant 2

99 Parkway Avenue


S9 4WF

Remember to quote your registration number.

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