Which Landlord Software is the best?

As a Landlord, it is your duty to make sure that your Tenant is provided with an easy payment method. This means you should set up a collection system that would make it easy for your Tenant to pay you monthly. Of course, your choice of collection scheme should also be of benefit for you. That is why it is essential to know the best Landlord software you can use.

Property management is not an easy task. As a Landlord, you are responsible for a whole lot of things. You need to make sure that the property is always in good condition – whether they are occupied or not. You must also ensure that the property is insured and that your Tenants also get their own insurance policies.

Best Landlord Software UK

Choosing the Property Management or Landlord Software

When it comes to effective property management, there are software programs that you can choose from. Before you start choosing which one is best suitable for your needs, first learn about the features that you should look for.

You need to choose a software that provides the services that you need. That means choosing one that offers the most basic features. Usually, Landlords look for programs that can help them in organising their maintenance schedules and in streamlining application processes. A software that also provides background checks is essential. It is also important that you can perform a lot of tasks using your chosen software. You should be able to manage a wide range of property types and keep track of your Tenants, their deposits and their fees. Lastly, go for a landlord software that is easy-to-use.

Additionally, you must consider the features. You may not really need all the extra features. Thus, it is best to choose a software that only provides what you need. That way, you will only pay for what you are going to use. You essentially need a software that will help you manage your property effectively.

The Best Landlord Software

The following are considered as the best Landlord software programs available:

Property Portfolio This software is highly recommended because of its useful additional features like Legal Documents Centre access (so you can create your Section 21s, Tenancy Agreements and Guarantor forms, and then download them), and it allows you to calculate income tax with the use of HMRC guidelines. Visit their website and click the Demo option to see how this program works.

Landlord Vision This is a cloud-based program that is easy to access. You can open and use it as long as you are connected to the Internet. This program produces reports showing the basic Landlord requirements like rental income, equity reports, cash flow, taxation and expenses.

Property Manager This program offers a free 30-day trial and it offers some good features like: property management; online property marketing; automatic generation of rent reminders, statements and invoices; Quick Search; automatic rent tracking; maintenance scheduling; Home Screen with maintenance alerts for important reminders like gas inspection; and communication features like SMS and emails.

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